If you’re tired of relying on the limited power of a fan and a cold beer to cool you down during scorching summer days, then you may want to consider getting a swimming pool. But before you haul out a spade and start digging, consider these points.

There’s An Upside

“The average increase in your property value when you put in a pool is around 15%,” says Marius Crook, regional sales manager at ooba, a bond originator.

That doesn’t mean you should install a multimillion rand Olympic swimming pool though. “Obviously, this depends on the type and quality of pool that you put in,” says Crook.

Find The Right Builder

A good starting point is to only consider builders who are registered with the National Pool and Spa Institute. Get quotes, but don’t just pick the cheapest option says Crook.

Rather approach it in the same way as you would approach hiring someone for an important position. Get referrals, preferably from friends, and don’t rely on photos either. Rather ask to see the pool in person, the last thing you want is to spend your money on a mud pit instead of a swimming pool.

Beware The Hidden Costs

From the moment you’ve finished building your pool it will start costing you money. Don’t forget that a pool pump consumes vast amounts of electricity each month and you have to run your pool pump every day to keep the pool water in decent condition. Be prepared to spend the money and time every month (even during winter) to ensure that your pool’s water remains as far away from farm dam green as possible.

Safety First

Never forget that, in as much as a swimming pool is an upgrade to your house that allows you to get one over the summer heat waves, it’s also a potential killer, especially for children. Put a fence around your pool or net over it to prevent anything from going wrong.