Recharge your devices anywhere with this nifty gizmo. Especially when you are off the grid like a mountaintop or deep in the forest, the Outdoor Tech Kodiak Power Bank can save you from being stranded. It is a waterproof and shockproof portable power supply that stores 6000 milliamps of power that can charge tablets, phones, GoPro cameras and other rechargeable devices.

Kodiaks have always been known for their thick skin and is made with impact silicone that protects it from falls, drops and stumbles. It creates a barrier to resist dust, water and is very impervious to the elements. The Kodiak lets you know how much power it still has left with its power indicator at the push of a button. It only weighs around 270g making it lightweight and easy to transport.

It has a rechargeable 6000 maH lithium-ion battery, which is able to charge a smartphone three times over. It can switch between 1.0 and 2.1 Amp output to quickly charge any kind of USB equipped mobile device.

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Contributor: Leo Langeveldt, Chief Technology Officer at Forge Technologies