(iOS, Android)
After a good night’s sleep there’s little a man cannot achieve. From tracking sleep patterns, monitoring movement and sounds and even waking you with gradual alarms instead of a blaring foghorn, this handy app is here to maximise your shut-eye. Free

If simple and beautiful
to-do lists are something that’s important to you, Clear is the answer. There are few things as deeply satisfying as swiping a task from your list once it’s done. R60

(iOS, Android)
Think of it as a Rolodex, only it’s on your smartphone. CamCard helps you scan business cards and saves the details to your contacts. Makes life (and your wallet) a load lighter. Free

Want to make typing on your Android device a little more intuitive? Then check out SwiftKey, an app that lets you swipe through your keyboard which, given some practice, could make your typing a whole lot faster. Free

(iOS, Android)
It may not be hot off the press, but it’s still the most comprehensive note-taking, 
document-storing app out there. Everything you need is organised in one place. It’s 
efficient, smart and, once you get used to 
it, indispensable. Free

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