Do you consider yourself to be the rugged outdoorsman? Do you like to show of the newest and most extreme gear that you always have on standby, waiting for an adventure to come along? You might even sport the beard of all beards. If this sounds like you then you would probably enjoy shopping like this.

The North Face along with a South Korean advertising agency, Innored, hilariously terrified shoppers with a pop-up store that while shopping the customers experienced something completely unexpected. They were shocked when the floor beneath them started to disappear and forced them to start climbing the walls, which were coincidently fitted with rock-climbing holds. While on the wall, the floor gone, from the ceiling the most perfect North Face item was lowered. It was just out of their reach. On a screen on the opposite side of the room was a timer that gave them 30 seconds to either jump and grab the item or see it gone forever.

The campaign, “Never Stop Exploring” that North Face is promoting has encouraged these customers to become participants of extreme-sport-styled shopping. Challenging others to be apart of the many extreme sports out there and to wonder out into the wilderness of our world. To explore all the majestic and wonderful places it holds, with of course your trusted North Face apparel.

The customers were completely freaked out from it all. What do you think they did? Have a look at the video below to see how they fared.