Album of the week
Jack Johnson – From Here to Now to You
Mr Johnson is the definition of chill and his new joint is the exclamation point on that statement. Kicking off with a tip of the hat to his wife, From Here to Now to You sees him bring back the acoustic swag he cast off on his last outing (To the Sea). If this sounds a bit like his 2005 release In Between Dreams, that’s because he’s back with that album’s producer Mario Caldato. This is music to surf to.

MH recommends: Radiate is Johnson at his playful best, when you can’t quite discern whether he’s delivering clever social commentary or an elaborate dick joke.

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On our radar
Danny Brown
His free-for-all XXX album was 2011’s most striking hip hop release, and he’s carried that momentum into 2013 with Old. Shades of vintage Busta Rhymes, but with a Pitch Black Afro twist. Check out this video for Dip to sample some of the madness.

Muscle music
Cage the Elephant – Come a little closer

Speed: 148bpm

Best for: 6:13/km running, or a 30min 5K

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