The Livescribe smartpens allow you to turn words into actions. By integrating very smart technology these pens allow your handwritten notes to appear in digital form on your tablet and smartphones. This happens with great speed and accuracy. Moleskine has created a new notebook to work with these smartpens and the Livescribe+ app. It really has taken note writing to a whole new frontier. It bridges the analog, tactile pleasures of pen and paper, and convenience of the digital world together.

These smartpens and notebooks allow you to convert handwriting into editable text, which you can cut, and paste, twee or SMS however you please. You can also link notes with recorded audio. Because these pens capture sounds so you can link ideas that have been jotted down in the notebook with the full discussion to be listened to again and again. You can mark items in the notebook to keep them organized and review later on the app easier.

Moleskine has always been at the pinnacle of notebook classic designs. The ivory coloured pages, rounded corners, ribbon bookmark and elastic closure now meets smart innovative technology. When these two combine the smartpens meet the elegant space of Moleskin that allows users to create seamlessly.

Contributor: Leo Langeveldt, Chief Technology Officer at Forge Technologies