Our friends down the hall, Kick Off, know that their readers are passionate about soccer, and following their team’s every move is essential when it comes to bragging rights.

They also know that many of their readers follow at least two teams – one in South Africa and one overseas.

So, to make the average South African sports-fan’s life as easy as possible they’ve developed what they’re calling “the best live scoring app the country has ever seen!”

So we thought we’d share it with you, because we know that some of you are also on the ball, and could benefit from something that allows you to follow your teams of choice from the PSL, English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A and French Ligue 1.

Kick Off Live prepares for every match with brilliant in-depth detail, including pre-match squad information, formations, head-to-head history, power and confidence ratings, score predictions, weather updates and more.

During the match, you can follow the action live with goal alerts, incident updates (such as yellow cards, substitutions etc.), players ratings and profiles and more.

When there’s no live action, you can still get news from KickOff.com including PSL, world news, national teams and more!

You can also set your app to receive Breaking News alerts, so you’re always the first to know what’s going on!

From inside the app, you can also access Kick Off’s Predictor Game, and stand a chance to win big!

Best of all?

It’s FREE!!

For IOS devices:

1) Visit the Apple App Store

2) Search for ‘Kick Off Live’ or CLICK HERE

3) Click ‘Download’

For Android devices:

1) Visit the Google Play store

2) Search for ‘Kick Off Live’ or CLICK HERE

3) Click ‘Install’