Is the cloud my best option for backing up my home computer data?

While the cloud is certainly convenient, it has enough security holes to fly a jumbo jet through. “Experts will need at least three years to secure the cloud from hackers,” says Dr Irena Bojanova, chairwoman of the IEEE Computer Society’s special technical community on cloud computing. So store fluff in the cloud, but back up sensitive data on the old standby: an external hard drive, kept in a separate secure location, such as your home safe or a lockable filing cabinet at work. If you want easier access to the drive, then buy a separate hard drive. Ideally you want one that’s crush-resistant, waterproof and fireproof. That said, even the most secure storage system is worthless if you don’t back up your files on a regular basis. Make it a habit: mirror your data every month after you pay online bills, Bojanova says.