Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight, otherwise they’re pretty handy in any other situation. These are the three best knives for men.

The Bush Banisher
Bear Grylls Sliding Saw (38cm open, 22cm closed)
If your garden is more jungle than manicured oasis, then it’s time to equip this woodeater. The crosscut teeth design chews on both the forward and backward stroke, while the rubber handle ensures you don’t drop or slip your grip. The blade retracts into the handle when not on bush, branch and shrub clearing duty. R399, Cape Union Mart

The Everyday Sidearm
Spyderco Persistence G10. (7cm blade, 17.3cm total)
When it comes to sharp blades, this brand is at the forefront of both design and quality in the industry. Have one, and you’ll get knowing glances from the hardy, flinty-eyed men who collect these kind of tools. The Persistence is a smaller version of the famous Tenacious model, but comes with the same smart Spyderco signature build elements such as the skeletonised steel liners inside the laminate handle (improves the blades rigidity and strength without adding too much weight) and the Round Hole opening system (allows for easy one-handed opening and closing). The pricing on this knife is also good value for this kind of build quality. We’re big fans. R750,

The lifesaver
T3 Tactical Triage & Auto Rescue Tool (7.6cm blade, 13cm total)
Created by a paramedic in New York, the T3 is a high-end tactical tool that’s like a pocket McGyver for any emergency. It has a spring loaded steel tip window punch for breaking car windows, a high-grade stainless steel hook blade for seatbelt cutting and a serrated blade for all your knife needs. It also has a 5 lumen LED light. Considering the car carnage we have here, you’ll need to keep one in your cubbyhole. R564,