Men with motor oil in their veins don’t travel for the sake of getting to point B. They revel in the growl of a V8, the pull of torque steer and launch control buttons. They find beauty in A, B and C pillars, instrument panels, the feel of leather steering wheels and rear-wheel drive cars. This collection pays homage to the men who live by the quarter-mile, for the twitch of the rev needle and the smell of tortured rubber.

Sunglasses – Persol 714 Collapsible Sunglasses
Made famous by Steve McQueen, these shades can lay claim to be one of the first pairs of collapsible sunglasses, and have been seen on the heads of a number of famous racers throughout history. Make them part of your driving getup to increase your curb appeal. R7 495, Luxottica

Jacket – BMW M Series Leather Jacket
You can’t call yourself a driver without having the right kind of jacket and this is it. It’s simple, it has no garish sponsor labels or day-glow colours. It’s high quality and sophisticated – just like your driving. R8 999, Puma

Model car – 1967 Ford Mustang GTA Fastback Maisto
Sometimes, the older, less complicated originals are better than the new-fangled computer chips on wheels. And they often look better too. Keep this piece of automotive history on your desk (1/18 compared to the real thing), and if you’d rather drive something around, get a remote control car. R399, Kalahari