You know that bike by the lifts? This guy rides it. And it’s so bleeding edge, even the hipster’s are eyeing it out. This man-about-town is always on the go. He rides trains, jumps in and out of Wi-Fi spots, hops on and off bicycles and knows the best coffee place in the airport lounge, your neighbourhood and even downtown New York. He spends most of his life in transit, but he spends it well. He’s streamlined, efficient and yes, he’ll probably have a battery charger for your cell.

Biltwell helmets
Retro, open-faced helmets. We like the black matte one. And they’re DOT safety approved. R1 900, Los Muertos Motorcycles, 021 835 4333

Levi’s Trucker Jacket
This jacket has all the tech you need for getting around: scotchlite which subtly integrates 500 candle watt reflectivity into key areas of the garments and nanosphere technology that makes it water resistant, dirt repellant, durable and protective. Plus it’s designed with just the right amount of stretch to increase mobility while maintaining their signature fit. R1 699, Levi’s

Want to Level Up
If jacket’s aren’t your thing, upgrade your daily commute with a pair of cargo pants, a pair of slim-fit jeans or a rad T-shirt from the Levi’s commuter range, to keep your commute simple and stylish.