With so few jewelry choices for men, you should take advantage of an easy way to polish your look: invest in the best watch you can afford.

Men used to wear pocket watches, round clunky things that stuck in their pockets and attached to their waistbands. A pocket watch is great if you’re going back in time, but these days most of us or stuck firmly in the future – telling time not with our wirtswatctes but with our cellphones. Great device, unless you’re, well, trying to be discreet. Which is difficult to do if you’re busy digging one out of your pants.

Match the watch to your look

(left – right)

Rough and ready

If you live on the wild swide (or just tend to bang into things) a steel-faced watch may be for you. It’s durable and never goes out of style. Grey and black faces on these watches are hot right now.

1. Fossil Machine Silicone Chronograph R1799
2. Longines Hydro Conquest R21 300
3. CAT P52 Rubber strap R1 495

Dressed Up

At a formal affair, everyone will notice your watch. So if you’re a dapper dude, invest in something with a more refined face and less obstrusive buttons on the side.

1. Emporio Armani Renato Chronograph R3 699
2. Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 6 Heritage R27 495
3. Raymond Weil Freelancer R27 950


If you tend to dress down, an oversized, brightly coloured sport watch should be your go-to style. Just remember, the bulkier the watch, the more casual the look.

1. Luminox Evo Seal Chronograph R5 450
2. Solar Dive Chronograph R4 999
3. Chopard Rosso Corsa R82 620