Garlic is the ultimate desert-island flavouring, waiting patiently in its papery husk to add depth to pasta sauce, make roast chicken irresistible and rescue bland stir-fry.

And that’s just the start. “At home I’m never without fresh garlic – it’s one of those base ingredients that make others sing,” says Pete Goffe-Wood, MH guyfood expert and MasterChef SA judge. “My top tip when using fresh garlic is instead of peeling and chopping garlic cloves, take a whole unpeeled clove and using the fine side of a grater simply grate the clove. The skin is too coarse and won’t go through the grater. You will have beautiful, finely grated garlic without even having to peel it.” But the popularity of the “stinking rose” hides an unfortunate truth: garlic is often mistreated. Crank the heat up too high or chop up a clove too casually and garlic will dominate a dish with acrid flavour. But if you handle the clove with care, dinner’s in the bag.