Best For Healthier Brain Matter… Fish Oil

Omega-3s nourish the mind’s communication strands. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recommends 400mg of fish oil capsules a day.

Best For Writing Tests… Creatine

“Creatine increases the amount of energy that is available to the brain for computational tasks, improving general mental ability,” says Dr Caroline Rae of Macquarie University, Sydney.

Best For Short-Term Focus… Nicotine Gum

Studies suggest that chewing on a two milligram tab can fire-up electrical impulses between nerve cells that help focus attention.

Best For Better Memory… Caffeine

A regular Americano stimulates the frontal lobe. As a result, you will retain every profanity the boss fires at you about your extended coffee breaks.

Best For Sharpness… Vinpocetine

A periwinkle plant extract, it increases blood flow to the brain. Studies from Japan suggest that 40mg a day raises mental alertness.