Two dumbbells. Five minutes. No rest. One fat-melting finisher.

Five minutes? Come on … that’s all?

Trust us, that’s enough.
This total-body ladder workout from Men’s Health Next Top Trainer 2015 Winner Gideon Akande gets more dense and more intense as it goes along.
Each minute, you’ll add a new exercise to the mix. So by the end, you’re performing one giant complex movement with zero rest.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Minute 1: straight-leg deadlift
  • Minute 2: add a biceps curl
  • Minute 3: add a lunge
  • Minute 4: add an overhead press
  • Minute 5: add a pushup

That’s right: During minute five, you’re tasked with doing a deadlift to curl to alternating lunge to overhead press to pushup over and over and over again until your time runs out.

If you go hard from start to finish, the workout is incredibly challenging and efficient. You’ll blast out hundreds of reps, hit every last muscle in your body, and ignite a calorie-torching fire, explains Akande.
And since you’re working for five minutes with no rest, you’ll get the conditioning benefits of cardio, too, he adds.
Ready to try it? Grab a pair of 10kg dumbbells, and then follow along with Akande in the video above.

You can do this ladder if you’re short on time and want a really good sweat. Or you can tack it on the end of your workout as a muscle-pumping, fat-melting finisher.