Personal trainer Shaun Hamilton recommended the following skipping moves to us. Master them at home, then take your show to the gym – where training in front of a crowd can help ramp up your intensity.

The Jog Step

Begin with your right foot planted, your left foot slightly above the floor, the skipping rope behind you. Swing the rope over your head, jump and land on your right foot. As the rope comes down, jump off your right foot – allowing the rope to pass under both feet – and land on your left foot, keeping your right foot suspended.

The Backwards 180

Start in the same way you start the jog step. As the rope passes overhead, move your right hand to the left, so the rope swings next to your left side. As it hits the floor, jump and turn 180 degrees towards your left, keeping your hands stationary. The rope and both hands will now be to your right.

Move your left hand back to your left side, letting the rope pass over your head and behind you so you’re now jumping backwards.

The Criss-Cross

The trick here is to cross your arms at hip level. Skip normally for a bit. Then cross your hands when the rope passes overhead. Your left hand should reach your right hip and your right hand your left hip as the rope touches the floor.

Jump, then keep your hands still while the rope rises. Uncross your arms as the rope peaks the second time.