Navendren Chetty’s wedding vows signaled not only the beginning of married life, but also a huge weight loss.

Weight Before: 123

Weight After: 75

Vitals: Navendren Chetty, 33, Joburg

Height: 1.7m

Occupation: Director

Time To Goal: 8 months


The Gain – I’ve always been overweight and I was cool with it. Nothing phased me because I was the happy-go-lucky “big guy” but I really started overindulging in 2011.

The Change – It was Sunday afternoon when I ended up in casualty with stomach pain. The doctors diagnosed me with type 2 diabetes and my cholesterol was high. The next morning at 5am, a nurse – who really did not care enough to wake me first – injected me with insulin. When I woke up and told her it hurt, she told me to, “get used to it”. I decided then and there that I was going to beat this somehow.

The Strategy – I owe my transformation to my wife and a client of mine (who I affectionately call Uncle Vincent). I knew I had to change my habits, but had no clue where or how to start. That’s when Uncle Vincent scheduled an appointment with his dietician; who then set out a seven-day meal plan for me, which my wife prepared – she also got me to the gym five times a week. Her encouragement was all the motivation I needed. The weight loss came quickly and consistently.

The Reward – My health has improved tremendously. I don’t have to take any medication to regulate my insulin levels or control my cholesterol, and my pancreas is now able to produce the insulin required for normal function. But I do still test my blood sugar regularly as a diabetic should. I didn’t realise the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle until it adversely affected my life, and I think that a lot of other people make the same mistake.

Result – I have lost 48kg in eight months and I am down from a size 44 to a size 32. I have two young kids (a one- and a three year old) and I am now able to keep up with them – which has been my biggest reward. This change has inspired me help others who are battling with weight problems and diabetes: thank you Men’s Health for keeping us educated, and who knows, maybe this article will inspire someone to lose weight and improve their health!