Name: Jonathan Brownell
Location: New York
Age: 23
Weight Before: 225
Weight After: 190
Body Fat% Before: 20%
Body Fat % After: 5%
Height: 6’1

August 7th, 2010, my best friend, Josh, and two other friends of mine were all killed in a tragic car accident. I was 19-years old and I was supposed to be with him that night, but ditched him at the last minute to go to a concert with my girlfriend.

After I received the tragic news I began drinking more heavily, even more so than how I’d been drinking at the time.

I ended up developing PTSD, Depression and Severe Anxiety. These attacks were so bad that I was forced to drop out of college, quit work, I couldn’t get in a car, couldn’t drive and for the first six months I wasn’t even able to leave my house. Every time I would get out of bed I felt like death was just around the corner. It was terrifying being 19 years old, laying in bed, feeling worthless and useless because I couldn’t do anything. As you can imagine, ridiculous thoughts crossed my mind constantly. I didn’t know if I would ever get better. A doctor prescribed anti-depressants, but I refused to take them.

I realized that I was doing nothing positive for my future and had to make Josh proud of me. I didn’t know how at the time, but I knew I had to change my lifestyle if I wanted to do something big! I started working out harder than ever. This kept my mind occupied, and eventually, after two years I was able to go back to school, leave my house and even drive a car.


I am now a Personal Trainer, Fitness Model and sponsored by Six Star Pro Nutrition. I use fitness/nutrition as a daily escape from reality and outlet. I love inspiring people to never give up, knowing I can have a positive impact on others lives keeps me going and keeps me motivated.

Jon Brownell