How many pushups a day does it take to get into Hollywood leading man shape?

Charlie Hunnam has always been a well-built guy. But for his new film King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, he’s taken his physique and fighting power to the next level.

In the video below, we get a sneak peek of what Charlie’s brutal training regime looked like. He’s hitting deadlifts, weighted pullups, chest presses, boxing and a WHOLE lot of pushups.

So many pushups, in fact, that it became the cornerstone of his training programme. In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Charlie revealed just how many pushups a day it takes to get King-Arthur-level ripped.

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“I did some Muay Thai, boxing, Jiu Jitsu,” he said. “But mainly I set myself a goal of doing 1000 pushups a day, minimum, for six months.”

One. Thousand. Pushups. Every day. For six months. And if he skipped a few?

“I’m a little bit crazy,” Charlie said. “If there was a day when I didn’t hit the 1000, then I would punish myself and have to do 2000 the next day. You’ve gotta get after it! Eye of the tiger!”

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Turns out that when you’re Charlie Hunnam, you still have fuel left in the tank after 1000 pushups, so he also set himself the challenge of throwing 1000 punches a day. All the boxing and martial arts helped his body and mind get into the character of young Arthur, who is raised as a thief and street fighter after his father is killed.

“Having the confidence that comes with doing a lot of fight training does give one a certain spring in the step and glint in the eye, and so I spent a lot of time in the gym just doing fight training,” Charlie said. “It wasn’t as much for the physical effect as the emotional effect and the confidence that comes with throwing 1000 punches a day.”

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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is being released in South Africa on Friday 12 May.

It features Charlie Hunnam as the young Arthur Pendragon, who grows up in the back alleys of the city after his father (the king) was killed and overthrown. Arthur is completely unaware of his royal lineage – until he draws the sword Excalibur out of the stone.

Check out the trailer: