Bag your workout and stay fit on the road.

As an excuse to miss a workout, because of “no equipment” is lame, even if you’re on the road – and even if you don’t have access to a hotel gym. After all, most guys already travel with the perfect muscle builder stowed neatly in the trunk or overhead bin. “A suitcase is all you need to add weight to any exercise,” says strength and conditioning coach BJ Gaddour, creator of

“It can be as heavy as you want and its contents shift as you exercise, forcing your muscles to work harder to maintain balance.” And the harder they work, the more they’ll grow and the more fat you’ll burn. Follow Gaddour’s lead to transform any carry-on into a workout tool – and turn any hotel room into your very own personal fitness centre.


Load a suitcase with enough clothes or other items to make these moves challenging. Perform the exercises as a circuit, doing each for 45 seconds and moving from one to the next with 15 seconds of rest. Complete them all and repeat the circuit. Do up to six circuits total.