Best For: All Sports

Adidas A2G High End
Adidas training gear has always been technically sound, but this is the first pair of training boardshorts we’ve tried that edges the top spot. It has proper stretch in all the right places, so when you’re in the deepest squat or longest lunge, these don’t feel restrictive. The fabric is lightweight and offers fast moisture-wicking, and the fit is comfortable. The designer’s sense of humour gets us too – crack does kill. R1 299,

1st Runner-Up

Reebok CF SN Core Boardies
Granted, they’re not cheap, but in terms of training shorts, they have the top tech and are incredibly durable (we train in shorts like these that are three years old). These slim- fit, four-way stretch, moisture-wicking shorts with chafe-free seams will help you move and perform. R1 199,

2nd Runner-Up

Under Armour Raid Novelty 
They’re a simple pair of shorts, but they made the final three due to their stretchy comfort, the smart waistband, and the hardworking signature moisture wicking technology. If you want a loose fitting, comfortable pair of shorts, this is it. R699, Under Armour SA 087 943 2633

Best For: Running

New Balance 7-inch Shift
Yes, the print is bright and different – but in a good way. Those old neon poly shorts just don’t cut it any- more. These woven shorts have laser cut perforation patterns that work as vents and a bonded zip pocket. And they can double as gym shorts. R900, New Balance SA 021 657 9700

Best For: Underwear

Skins A400 Compression Half Tights
These are actually compression shorts, but we think they provide invaluable undercover support during heavy lifting sessions or on match day. Please wear them under shorts for everyone else’s sake – especially when squatting or lunging. R999,