• playstation-vr-headset

    The Best VR Headsets

    We have moved one step closer to full VR immersion.  Ever since Palmer Luckey announced his ambition to create a VR headset, the Oculus Rift, every other tech company on the planet decided that he was on to something. So began the race to develop the best, cheapest and most powerful VR headsets. Developers such […]

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    The Most Beautiful Cars Of All Time

    By Matthew Alexander Owning a car, any car is a spectacular thing. Your keys are keys to freedom. These beautiful cars aren’t just machines; they’re the aspirations of the human soul. Shelby Mustang GT500 KR Top Speed 1. 225Km/h 2.0-100KM/h 6.5 sec Carroll Shelby, now recognised as one of the greatest innovators in the automotive […]

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  • hangover

    13 Things To Which You Should Never Admit

    Some secrets are best kept to yourself

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  • red-wine_teaser2

    The Man’s Guide to Summer Wine

    Sure, you can be boring and stick to beer or you could start taking your drinking seriously. Wine has become a young man’s sport. Winemakers have freed themselves from pasting Cape Dutch farm houses on the labels and the oenophiles are finally popping the buttons on their waistcoats. In short, there’s never been a better […]

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  • maxresdefault (1)  6

    Summer Tune: De Hofnar X Goodluck – Back In The Day

    Perfect to add to your summer workout playlist

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  • Original-Swimming-Party-2

    4 South African Dance Tracks You Should Listen To

    There’s so much hot dance music and hip hop emanating from South Africa at the moment. We asked Jeremy de Tolly for his picks

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  • bowling ball1

    Bowl More Strikes

    Looking to up your bowling skills? Not bowling women but the actual sport where you have to try to knock over 10 bowling pins. Instead of being the beer frame- In team play, the only bowler on the team not to strike in a given frame must buy a beer for his teammates. Make sure […]

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  • beer final

    Slide A Beer Down The Bar Like A Pro

    Bar crawling with the boys when your buddy says “your round’’, well here is how you can impress the hell out of him with this well-known barman trick. Now you can ace the bar slide. Prepare the platform If you’re out at a pub, check the bar surface, no not for dust but whether it’s […]

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  • ClickHandlerfinal-2-4

    Host A Poker Game

    Run a smoother, smarter tournament at your place

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