“A journey of 1 000 miles begins with one step” is the famous phrase by Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu that perfectly captures the spirit of the times we live in. Gone are the days of the industrial era, which focused more on the planning than the actual doing. This is the information era, and if you have an idea and you don’t start today, someone else is almost guaranteed to beat you to the finish line. In the old days, everything was about playing it safe, because the risks of failure were too high. In the 21st century, the risk of not doing anything is the biggest threat to anyone who wants to lead the pack.

Take Instagram, for example. The co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger started off with an app that was aimed at taking on Foursquare and other location based apps. They put the app out there and tested it and realised that people were sharing random photos of their life instead of using the geo-tagging functionality. They observed this and reacted quickly, changing their strategy to focus on making photo sharing easy and fun. Last year, Facebook bought Instagram for $1-billion. This simple story doesn’t mean that we should all quit our jobs to become software engineers. It means that we should learn from them. They had an idea and they put it into practice. Through practice they learnt something they would never learn by thinking about it. That lesson led to their ultimate success. The talk of the town is changing and it’s never a good look to get left behind. There’s more to be learnt out there in the world than there is in your head. Tzu’s words mean that even the longest and most difficult ventures have a starting point and delaying that starting point doesn’t make the journey easier – it just makes it take longer. It’s always best to start now, even if you start small, just start! Who knows where it will lead you…

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