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Friday, November 28th
  • Reap What You Row

    Rowing speed and lifting strength go hand in hand according to researchers. The faster you row the stronger you could be.

  • Ring Your Fitness Bell

    Grab a cannonball: kettlebell swings may give you the most bang for your fitness buck.

  • The Dangerous Skinny On Jeans

    Are you willing to pay the price of your manhood just for fashion? Skinny or too tight jeans may cause problems with your most valued possession, your nuts.

  • Dryer Danger

    Automatic hand dryers in public bathrooms are found to harbour and spread more bacteria into the air than paper towels after washing hands.

  • Lending a Helpful Heel

    A man is more helpful towards a woman who is wearing heels rather than flat shoes according to a new French study.

  • A Family that Plays Together Stays Together

    Online social networking games may seem like a wasted distraction but according to a new study it is a great way to strengthen family bonds.

  • Ex Appeal

    Afraid your GF has a 
roving eye? When your relationship is on the rocks, her ex is your biggest threat. But you can use her past to better your future together.

  • Sealed with a Bacterial Kiss

    Partners who kiss each other at least 9 times a day share similar communities of oral bacteria according to a new study.

  • Wavescape Festival Fish Fry

    On Saturday 29 November from 15h00 – late, the Wavescape Fish Fry, will bring surfing communities from across the Cape Peninsula together at the Blue Bird Garage Market in the little village of Muizenberg along the False Bay coast line, recognised as being the spiritual and historical home of surfing in South Africa.

  • How Caffeine Boosts Performance

    New research from Australia reveals that caffeine can help you maintain momentum when your carb stores are depleted.

  • Is Exercise Harming Your Teeth?

    A small study revealed that athletes showed an increase in dental erosion and tooth decay.



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