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Thursday, October 23rd
  • The Shorter the Better

    According to a new study shorter men make better mates for women who want stable long-term relationships.

  • They Made Me Do It

    When a decision about indulging in a guilty pleasure is made for you by someone else, you will feel less guilty and enjoy it more according to a new study.

  • Never Stop Exploring with North Face

    North Face Korea trolls customers at a pop-up store with this brilliant new advert to promote their “Never Stop Exploring” campaign. Are you ready for adventure?

  • Recover After Surgery with Jazz Music or Complete Silence

    Listening to either jazz music or complete silence after surgery is the best way to recover as it can lower your heart rate and reduce pain levels says researchers.

  • The Freshpak Fitness Festival 2014

    The 28th Freshpak Fitness Festival celebrated Clanwilliam’s 200th Anniversary. Along with CANSA this festival was geared towards raising money for a good cause.

  • Would You Like To Breathe Underwater?

    Scientists have created a material with superpower like oxygen retention abilities that could have game changing applications for underwater explorers.

  • Your Nutrition Week with Weigh-Less

    With Nutrition Week underway the Weigh-Less Organisation is here to help you control your weight with portion control and these five useful tips.

  • Score A 
Second Date

    Women value a good 
listener, but they also want to hear what you have to say.

  • Fat-Free Facts

    Here are three fat-free facts you have to know.

  • Saying No to Food Can be Chemically Tough

    Because of how chemical reactions inside our brains differ, overweight people may feel it’s more difficult to say no to food than their lean

  • Who’s More Superficial On Tinder, Guys or Girls?

    A man’s biggest fear when it comes to online dating is that the women will be fat when they meet. Are we really that superficial?


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