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Friday, December 19th
  • Go With Glass

    It is better to drink your soda out of a glass bottle than a can or plastic bottle according to a new study.

  • What Werewolves and Humans Have in Common

    The full moon affects your sleep negatively, according to a new study.

  • Sevens And Springboks

    Here are some Springboks who have donned the green and gold in both formats

  • Hair Off, Wax On

    A substance from honeybee hives might contain clues for developing a potential new hair loss therapy.

  • Controlling Obesity with Potatoes

    Potato extract may be able to limit weight gain amongst people who suffer with obesity according to a new study.

  • Don’t Worry, Sleep Earlier

    Do you often lay awake in bed worrying about everything? Researchers have found that going to sleep late may be linked to repetitive negative thoughts.

  • In Remembrance of Madiba

    Today marks the first year of the passing of this country’s greatest leader, father and beloved hero. Here are a few ways you can pay respects and remember our Tata.

  • Unsatisfactory Commuting

    A new study has found that long commuting hours to and from work can be linked to a lower life satisfaction and it goes beyond just bad traffic.

  • Don’t Forget about Trans Fats

    However difficult it may be to avoid tasty foods that contain harmful trans fats here is one more reason why you should: It may be damaging your memory.

  • Trouble Between The Sheets

    If you fight dirty you will end up paying the sleepless price all night long according to a new study.

  • Reap What You Row

    Rowing speed and lifting strength go hand in hand according to researchers. The faster you row the stronger you could be.


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